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Welcome to my blog, I'm Courtney.
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What are you supposed to do with all the love you have for somebody if that person is no longer there? What happens to all that leftover love? Do you suppress it? Do you ignore it? Are you supposed to give it to someone else?
Maggie O’Farrell, After You’d Gone (via l-laymitch)

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My thighs are huge cuz they’re full of secrets

Wrap them around my ears and let me hear them all

You smooth motherfucker

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how did the telephone propose to his girlfriend?

he gave her a ring image

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this stick figure has no face so why the fuck can I tell exactly what its feeling

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how to be gamer:

  • play game
  • congratulation u r gamer now
  • anyone says ur not
  • hit them with game device

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Accidental personal injuries are absolutely the worst. “Oh, how did you do that?” “Well, frankly, I’m an idiot.”

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I’d hate you if I could.
me:yeah i saw that last year on tumblr
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